Copper sheets are produced in two different qualities as electrolytic copper (min. 99.9% Cu) or recycled copper (min. 98% Cu), through melting or rolling process.
Copper rolls are produced out of electrolytic copper (min. 998.9% Cu)  in two different qualities (Cu-ETP/ Cu-DHP) in a strip, tape or roll form. The products have a red, bright and homogeneous appearance.

Copper sheets and rolls are suitable for use in all climatic conditions and various roof forms.  They are used in the coating of all building forms in the dome style, in the coating of slightly inclined roofs, roof eaves, rainwater drainage systems, in the construction of gutters and hidden streams, in the manufacturing of decorative ornaments, bathroom boilers, decorative industrial kitchen range hoods, etc. They do not need painting or maintenance. It gives a chic and ostentatious appearance with its natural red colour.