Zink – Zinc

Aluminium – Aluminium

MAgnesium – Magnesium

Kupfer – Copper


Zamak alloys are a zinc alloy product consisting of zinc, aluminium, magnesium, and copper. As a versatile material, it provides high volume in casting and reduces machine damage and costs due to its ease of production.  Zamak alloy is a versatile engineering material. No other alloy system can provide properties such as strength combination, hardness, durability, strength performance, and economical castability. Another feature we can list is that it reduces the cost of parts.

Zamak-2: Zamak-2 gains strength by 20% with the addition of 3% Cu. Despite having great strength, it is more fragile and less elastic.

KS-2: It is suitable for accessory parts manufactured through centrifugal casting. In addition, it has high coating ability and abrasion resistance. It has the same composition as Zamak 2, except that more magnesium is used to reduce the rough surface effect and obtain a better grain structure.

Zamak-3: It is the most widely used and general-purpose zinc alloy. It is used in parts where the function is important rather than strength due to its low hardness and impact resistance. It is particularly suitable for painting process among surface treatments. Zamak 3 is the standard by which other zinc alloys are rated. All other Zamak alloy series are compared to this Zamak series. Zamak 3 contains basic components for the other zamak alloys. (96% zinc, 4% aluminium). It has superb castability and long-term dimensional stability.

Zamak-4: It has been developed to reduce the soldering effect while maintaining the ductility of Zamak 3. It is produced by using half the amount of copper in Zamak 5 composition.

Zamak-5: It is used in parts where strength, abrasion resistance and hardness are required. Its coating ability is better then Zamak 3 and Zamak 7. It is particularly used in accessories and automotive industry parts. It is one of the most used Zamak types.

Zamak-7: Zamak 7 contains less magnesium than Zamak 3 to increase fluidity and ductility and is particularly useful in casting thin-wall elements. By adding a small amount of nickel to reduce intergranular corrosion, unwanted elements are completely controlled.

Zamak-8: It is material of continuous cast and hot cabin injection. It is used in the production of decorative parts due to its excellent pocessability and surface quality.

Zamak-12: It can be used in the production of general-purpose parts. It yields excellent results in sand mould process and cold chamber die casting. It is an excellent bearing and gear wheel material due to its high crush resistance. It is more durable and cheaper than bronze bearings.

Zamak-27: It provides very high strength and durability.  Although it is generally used in sand casting, it is also suitable for cold chamber metal injection press treatments. It is used in parts such as gear wheel power transmission mechanisms that require high strength.

Zamak 8, Zamak 12, and Zamak 27 are also used in the production of electrical equipment and hand tools. They also can be used safely in the production of tanks and similar gas fixtures where explosive and flammable gases are used since they do not spark during collisions and impacts.  They have more strength and are tougher than Zamak 3, Zamak 5, and Zamak 7.   Their low magnetic properties have made them being used widely in the electronics industry.

The corrosion resistance of zinc alloys under atmospheric conditions is quite high. Coating, painting, chroming, and phosphating processes that increase corrosion resistance can be applied to parts made of these alloys. Decorative polishing and coating processes can also be successfully applied to these alloys.

Automotive Industry
Photography and Cinematography
Mining Tools
Sports Materials
Military Materials
In the production of buttons and zippers
Radio Grids
Fuel Pumps
Parts of White Goods
Lighting Equipment
Motor casing
Bath Pipe Couplings
Highway Marking
PLG Parts
Phone Cases
Electrical Household Appliances
Padlocks and Yale Door Locks
Safety Signs
Housewares Industry
Office Equipment
In electronic appliances
Ready Made Garment Industry
Auto radiator
Metal Door Handles
Radio Frame